A brief overview of what has occurred with Codiac Regional RCMP over the weekend from the period of Friday Sept 13th at 1600hrs to Monday Sept 16th at 0800hrs for your info:

228 files created as a result of calls for service, of those:

* 0 attempted murder
* 0 robbery
* 0 assault with weapon
* 0 aggravated assault
* 3 assault investigations
* 1 sexual assault investigation
* 0 luring minors over internet
* 0 assault on police officer
* 3 investigations of uttering threats against a person
* 1 sudden death investigations
* 0 missing persons
* 2 criminal harassment investigations
* 11 break & enter (1 business, 1 other, 8 residences) 6 of these were unfounded
* 12 possible impaired drivers
* 7 collisions; 1 with injury, 3 reportable, 3 non reportable
* 0 fail to stop/remain at accident scene
* 14 false/abandoned 911 call
* 3 persons related to mental health
* 0 vehicles reported stolen
* 3 theft from vehicle
* 8 theft under $5000.00 investigations
* 0 theft over $5000.00 investigations
* 2 theft under (shoplifting)
* 2 fraud investigation under $5000.00
* 0 fraud investigation over $5000.00
* 6 mischief investigations - damage to property
* 0 public mischief investigation
* 3 false alarms
* 9 assistance general public
* 6 intoxicated persons detention act
* 24 suspicious person/vehicle/property investigations
* 11 disturbing the peace
* 13 municipal by-laws
* 16 persons detained in cells
OCC stats from Friday midnight to Tuesday morning:
Admin calls - 1490
911 calls - 666
Fire - 55
PDRM (police radio dispatch) - 1965

NB Crime Stoppers pre approves reward for wanted individuals - see attached.

Police seek dangerous fugitives
Police are searching this region for two armed and dangerous men and are warning the public not to approach them. Investigators are not saying if the two men are suspects in the recent spree of thefts from local ATMs. "We have no concrete evidence to link these fugitives to the ATM thefts, but we have not ruled it out," says Codiac Regional RCMP Const. Damien Theriault…Both men are considered armed and dangerous, and if anyone sees them, they are advised to call 911 immediately. "We don't want people to approach them," says Theriault. "Just call police immediately if you spot them or have information regarding their whereabouts."…Police seized a vehicle in Dieppe which they believe is related to the fugitives.

Mayor calls for action on downtown safety
After viewing the controversial video of a late-night brawl on Main Street, Mayor George LeBlanc is calling on the RCMP, city officials, bar owners and the entire community to work together to make sure people feel safe and secure in the downtown. "The downtown is the heart of our city, and we need to stand up and say that we're not going to tolerate that kind of behaviour…Codiac Regional RCMP say one person has been charged in connection with the fight. RCMP spokesman Const. Damien Theriault said yesterday that investigators are still receiving tips about the brawl. "So far we have not been able to identify the individuals involved in the fights shown on the video. We continue to ask anyone with information on this incident to contact us," Theriault said…After watching the video, LeBlanc met with Supt. Marlene Snowman of the Codiac Regional RCMP to discuss it. "I don't want it happening again. We talked about things that could be done, and she responded by providing a more visible police presence and a focus on the trouble areas where it is needed. So last Friday and Saturday night, there was a more visible police presence in that area," LeBlanc said. "But this is not just a policing problem. This requires community help. We all have to be part of the solution. Here's a video that has been viewed by thousands of people thousands of times. What we need is for people to come forward and identify people who are acting in this manner in our downtown so the police can take appropriate action." LeBlanc said he will meet with the downtown security roundtable and the public safety advisory committee next week to discuss ideas and possible solutions…Supt. Snowman of the Codiac Regional RCMP said she would be working with the city and other agencies to find solutions and make sure people feel safe. In a statement emailed to the Times & Transcript yesterday, she said alcohol is often found to be a root cause of such incidents. "We have completed a review of the data from 2012 and 2013, as we believe in an approach that incorporates intelligence and analysis, notwithstanding a balanced response that includes education and enforcement. Not surprisingly, for the most part the root cause of the reported incidents include the consumption or over consumption of alcohol," Snowman said. "As such, we will continue our measured approach, which includes our presence in the downtown core, especially between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday mornings. As well we will continue our partnership with DMCI, local businesses, the City of Moncton and provincial agencies. Increasing community safety so that people feel safe, especially in this area, is a priority for us, as it has always been. Cameras, public awareness focusing on the repercussions of the over-consumption of alcohol, as well as the social and criminal repercussions, are also possibilities to assist us in doing so and have been included in discussions."

Seized cheques prompt arrest
A sophisticated cheque scam that may have targeted unsuspecting Canadians has led to an arrest. RCMP say charges are pending against a 21-year-old woman arrested last month in Moncton. The Mounties said the investigation was prompted after customs officers in France seized a Moncton-bound package that originated in Benin, West Africa. The package contained fraudulent cheques and money orders totalling about $1 million. Police say search warrants were executed in Moncton and Petitcodiac.

RCMP honour N.B. wives with Second Man Awards
It was a day for smiling, embracing and tears, as close to 40 women* from around the province gathered in Fredericton on Thursday to receive their Second Man Awards. The distinction was bestowed upon RCMP wives for the voluntary support they contributed to their husband's policing careers while on isolated postings from the 1900s onwards…"It is recognition of all the things that took place as the wife of an RCMP member," said [Linda] Bennett, whose husband Sgt. Larry Bennett retired from the force in 1990. "We were in a very small detachment (Grand Manan) where his work didn't end on a certain hour. His work was 24-hours a day. If Larry couldn't be reached at the office door, then they came to our home."...Assistant RCMP Commissioner Roger Brown, commander of the force in New Brunswick, said the day represented a chance to say thank you to people who really paved the way for members to be successful. "These people made an amazing difference in the community they served in conditions that were, at times, not the best," Brown said. "They did everything from searching prisoners to feeding prisoners and really making a difference in the communities.”… "The right thing to do is to say thank you to a group of individuals who gave up their own time to support their spouses who were members at the time and to really make a difference in the communities."

* one of which included Codiac's Cpl Darren Galley's wife, Pam.

Arrest made in ATM theft case
A Nova Scotia man will have a bail hearing Monday after being charged with attempting to steal cash from an ATM yesterday morning. Donald Leo Thorne, 29, appeared in Moncton provincial court yesterday afternoon and was charged with breaking into the Canadian Tire gas bar at 650 Mountain Rd. and being in possession of break and enter tools, specifically, a grinder and a crowbar. Crown prosecutor Michel O. LeBlanc objected to his release and a bail hearing was set for Monday…The incident is another in a string of ATM break-ins in the province in recent weeks, including three in Metro Moncton and one in Boiestown. There have also been some in neighbouring Nova Scotia…"We are operating under the premise the Canadian Tire incident is related to the other incidents, but we're not discarding any possibilities," says Theriault.

2 dangerous Halifax men may be in southeast New Brunswick
The RCMP believe two dangerous men who are wanted by the Halifax Regional Police may have escaped to southeastern New Brunswick…The RCMP consider Mombourquette and Hudder armed and dangerous. They warn people not to approach either suspect if they see them but to call the police immediately. Hudder is a suspect in a drive-by shooting that happened in north-end Halifax last November. Hudder has been charged with two counts of attempted murder, two counts of assault with a weapon and nine weapons related offences. Mombourquette is wanted for weapons offences after a 2009 traffic stop where police found a loaded handgun.

Beware of cheque scam, police warn
The RCMP New Brunswick Federal Operations East is warning people to be aware of a fraudulent cheque scam that might have victims in New Brunswick. Earlier in August, a package intended for Moncton and originating from Benin in West Africa, was seized by France's custom authority. The seized package contained approximately $1 million worth of fraudulent cheques and money orders. The RCMP and Canada Border Services Agency were contacted and launched a joint investigation. On Aug. 23, a 21-year-old woman was arrested in Moncton and subsequent search warrants were executed in Moncton and Petitcodiac where evidence was seized…"The RCMP believes that public awareness remains crucial in preventing such crimes," says Staff Sgt. Kevin Lamontagne with RCMP New Brunswick Federal Operations East. The RCMP believes that this scam has been actively targeting people across Canada.

Woman killed when van hits wheelchair
Police are investigating a Monday evening crash where a woman in a motorized wheelchair was hit by a vehicle and killed. The incident occurred shortly after 7 p.m., at the intersection of Millennium Boulevard, Russ Howard Drive and Grand Trunk Street. “A 76-year-old woman in a wheelchair from Moncton was struck by a minivan while she was crossing Millennium Boulevard at that intersection," says Codiac RCMP Const. Damien Theriault. "The reconstructionist attended the scene and the matter is still under investigation. At this time no charges have been laid and alcohol is not believed to be a factor." The woman was pronounced dead at the scene. The man driving the minivan and a woman who was with the victim were not injured.

Victim of accident in Moncton identified
Police have released the identity of a woman killed in an accident between a mini van and motorized wheelchair. Seventy-six-year-old Marlene Rae Bishop died at the scene after she was struck on Millennium Drive at Russ Howard Drive and Grand Trunk Street on Monday night. No charges have been laid.

Dieppe woman gets three years for crime spree
A Dieppe woman will spend the next three years in prison after recently pleading guilty to three counts of robbery while armed with a knife and possessing a stolen gold bracelet. Rachel Elsie Winsor, 32, expressed remorse for her crime spree and asked her family for forgiveness during her sentencing hearing last month.

Man arrested for dangerous driving
A man faces charges after fleeing police yesterday morning. Codiac RCMP received a report of a possible drunk driver in the Elmwood Drive area around midnight, according to Const. Damien Theriault. A member responded, tried to intercept a suspect vehicle and the driver fled. The officer pursued the other vehicle, but gave up because the person was driving dangerously…Members spotted the car a few minutes later on Main Street and once again tried to intercept and the driver fled…eventually a Mountie spotted the vehicle in the Boys and Girls Club parking lot at 76 Emmanuel St. The driver ran away but was soon caught by the officer, about 30 minutes after the original call to police. The man was held for court and will face charges of dangerous driving, evading police and breach of an undertaking.

Trois ans de prison pour une voleuse de Dieppe
Une femme de Dieppe écope d'une sentence de trois ans de pénitencier pour avoir commis trois vols qualifiés en juin, dans le but de rembourser un trafiquant de drogue. Rachel Winsor, 32 ans, a reçu avec humilité sa sentence de trois ans d'incarcération, mardi, à la Cour provinciale de Moncton. Le temps déjà passé en prison depuis le 18 juin est soustrait à sa peine.

City police saying little about Moncton shooting
The Fredericton Police Force continues to investigate a July police shooting incident in Moncton, but it's saying little about the case. "The investigation is proceeding as expected and is ongoing at this time," said Const. Danielle Carmichael…The members involved in the incident have been removed from active duty during the investigation. Carmichael wouldn't say if the investigation would conclude any time soon.

Teen sentenced in a viral video fight
A 15-year-old male has been sentenced to 10 months probation and 50 hours of community service in connection with a fight at a Moncton gas station that went viral on YouTube. The teen, who can’t be named because of his age, earlier pleaded guilty to assault…On June 6th, RCMP responded to a fight at the Ultramar on Mountain Road and Killam Drive during the lunch hour. Police investigated three male youths after video of the incident exploded on social media. A 14-year-old and 17-year-old have gone through an alternative measures program and were not charged.

Fisticuffs not the kind of show we need on Main Street
The dust has probably settled a bit since the video of people brawling in Downtown Moncton went viral on the Internet, but the dust is still there, waiting for the next dust-up on Main Street…The most troubling part of the video is when two men start punching each other and one of them is knocked to the pavement. He appears to hit his head on the hard asphalt while the other guy jumps on him and gives him about five hard punches in the face and head. His is then seen being carried by others off to the sidewalk…Codiac Regional RCMP have charged one person in connection with the fight and were looking at the video as evidence as they continue their investigation. The video has generated at least two sides of controversy. Some people think it is extremely distasteful and horrible that this dust-up on Main Street should be available for all to see. And others say it is about time to show the darker side to Main Street in the hope that this video will spark some action and effort to put a stop to this kind of thing…One of the problems is that the bars have last call around 1:30 or 1:40, and then turn the lights on at 2 a.m…Maybe if the bars stayed open a bit longer, even though they have stopped serving alcohol, there would be a smoother exodus. But certainly, having police walking the beat around that area would be a help…If the city wants the downtown to become a more popular destination, our officials need to look at this video and see what can (and does) happen - and then take some action.

Reward offered for info on fugitives
Police in Metro Moncton continue to search for two men wanted for serious offences in Nova Scotia. "We are operating under the assumption they are still in this area but we can't rule out the possibility they may have left the area," says Codiac RCMP Const. Damien Theriault…It was announced yesterday [Friday] afternoon that New Brunswick Crime Stoppers has pre-approved a $1,000 reward for any information that leads to their arrests, and could pay up to $2,000. "We hope someone with information will come forward in light of this reward," says Theriault. Police are also getting an assist from Pattison signs. Investigators contacted the company about helping to get the fugitive's faces out to the public and the response was positive. Theriault says the company agreed to display the mugshots on their digital billboard at Main and King Street, free of charge. "We're very grateful for the help," says the constable.

Crash shuts down intersection
A motor vehicle collision at the intersection of Regent Street and Wayne Squibb Boulevard near Costco shortly before 3 p.m. shut down the intersection to through traffic for a time Friday afternoon. A silver Dodge Dakota Sport pickup truck and a silver Toyota minivan collided at the intersection at about 2:50 p.m. Friday, and the pickup truck caught fire as a result…The male driver of the pickup truck was an auxiliary RCMP officer in uniform but off duty…[Sgt. Paul Battiste] said it was too early to say if there would be charges under the Motor Vehicle Act as a result of the collision.