• Get to know your neighbours.

  • Conduct a security audit of your home and make every effort to upgrade any weaknesses.

  • Practice every personal safety and home security precaution.

  • If you witness a crime in progress – TakeAction and call 911. Stay on the line and give whatever information you can to the operator. If you wish to remain anonymous – tell the operator - but still provide them with the information that they request.

  • If you see activity that you feel is suspicious, phone the police immediately at 506-857-2400.

  • If you are a victim of any type of crime – report it to the police. Remember that the police do not know what crimes are happening in your neighbourhood unless you tell them. You should also advise your Block Captain and neighbours. They may have seen or heard of something that could help the police in their investigation.

  • Communicate with your neighbours. Share information - and together you can make a difference.

It is up to you to keep “Watching”.

Following these simple tips can make your neighbourhood a safer place to live: