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List of Frequently Asked Questions‏

1/ What are the Codiac RCMP hours of operation?  We are open 24/7 for emergencies. Front desk regular office hours are Mon-Fri 8am-6pm


2/ What is the jurisdiction of the Codiac RCMP? We cover and are responsible for the Dieppe, Moncton, and Riverview Municipal areas.


3/ Can motor vehicle and parking fines be paid at Codiac RCMP?  No, Motor vehicle tickets are paid at Service NB and parking tickets are paid at City Hall.


4/ Can I get a criminal record check done, and what does it involve? Criminal record checks are done here at the Codiac RCMP if you are a Resident of Moncton, Riverview or Dieppe.  A Criminal Record Checks cost $20 (except for volunteer positions which are free - letter of proof required) and are to be paid for at Moncton City Hall. You then bring the receipt to Codiac RCMP, along with a stamped envelope with the address the results are to be sent to. The Forms can be picked at front desk during regular hours of operation. Be sure to bring 2 photo government issued Identification cards. The person applying must appear in person.  It takes 7-10 to receive the results.


5/ What do I need to get a peace bond? An information may be laid before a judge by, or on behalf of any person who fears on reasonable and probable grounds that another person will cause personal injury to him or her or to his or her spouse/common-law partner or child. This also applies to someone who believes a person will damage his or her property.


6/ Do we have commissioner of oath services? No, but there are numerous available throughout the city. We have cards available and there are listings for such.


7/ Can I speak to a member? Some of the members of public request to speak to a member for a variety of reasons. Some are just looking for advice pertaining to their own problem, or on behalf of someone else. If not an emergency these types of meetings are done during regular office hours and when a member is available.


8/ Where can I get my finger prints done? Commissionaires at 100 A Loftus Street, Moncton ( can do this for a fee and is readily accessible to the public. RCMP can do this but the process takes several months to process.   The Commissionaires can also be reached at 506-854-0572  or Toll Free at 877-322-6777.


9/ Where can I apply to the RCMP?  See the RCMP web site for details. We can answer some general questions regarding this also.


10/ I lost something, can I report it here? Most people report loss or stolen pieces of identification, cheques, money, or different articles. As long as the loss or theft occurred in our area of jurisdiction, we can take the report.  If  it occurred elsewhere,  the report is to be filed in that jurisdiction.


11/ I want to open a file for info purposes, I don't want to lay a complaint, I just want something on file.   Yes this can be done, and it is done frequently.


12/ I have some information to pass along pertaining to illegal activity, ie: drugs, stolen merchandise, criminal activity, or even motor vehicle offences. Can I pass it along? Yes we will accept information and pass it along to the appropriate section to take a look at the info and make them aware.


13/ Questions regarding the Motor Vehicle act. ie: How many points will I lose for this? How much is the fine for this? Other general questions. They can be directed to SNB or a link to the NB Motor Vehicle act.


14/ Questions regarding custody of children issues. The RCMP is not in a habit of enforcing custody issues, unless there is the possibility of the child or children being in danger. Contact your lawyer if there is a problem.


15/ Child seat safety questions. How do we properly secure our child seat? What do you recommend? We recommend that seats are CSA approved and that the directions to install the seat are followed. There are also cards available with information regarding seats and can be found on "Child Safety Link"


16/ Landlord vs Tenant or vice versa. Can I be kicked out of my home? My landlord changed my locks and told me to get out, can he do that? Many questions like this can be answered through the NB Rentlesman. Police do not get involved in landlord/tenent disputes unless a criminal offence has or is about to take place.


17/ I made a report a while back, can I have a copy of the report? RCMP do not give copies of any reports. If you are a suspect and charged, you can get a copy of the disclosure through crown. If it is a report that is not going to court, you can apply under the Canada information act to obtain a copy.


18/ I am problems with my child or children. He/she is doing drugs, not respecting rules of home or school. Could I have an officer speak with my child? Calls for Service in Codiac are dealt with in a Priority fashion. When there is an officer available, we would be glad to help out. Or we can book a time when all parties can meet.


19/ I am or my child is a victim of internet bullying. Can the police help? There are several steps that can be taken before the police intervene. Block the person, get off the site, change your User account name. If there are some direct threats or criminal harassment, we can investigate. Criminal harassment occurs when someone  is being harassed, engaged in a conduct that causes that person to fear for their safety or the safety of anyone known to them. Examples are: repeatedly communicating with , either directly or indirectly, to that person or anyone known to them.


20/ I made a complaint last week and I haven't heard from the officer yet, what is going on? Depending on the seriousness of the complaint, and the officers schedule, it is possible you may not have heard from the officer. The RCMP always updates the complainants within a reasonable time. Our Patrol officers work on a 4 on 4 off schedule. They work 2 days then 2 nights. It is possible that the officer is on days off or the officer is tied up on other serious calls. You can call 506-857-2400 or attend 520 Main St, Moncton, and be updated by the officers at the front desk. An E-mail can be sent to the investigating officer that you are requesting a call back the next shift they work. You will get updated. 


21/ Can I get a Pardon at the Codiac RCMP?   No.  There are different web-sites on the Internet available to apply for a pardon. Here in Moncton, the Commissionaires at 100 A Loftus Street, Moncton have applications available. They can be reached at 506-854-0572  or Toll Free at 877-322-6777.

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