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The program combats crime in the most effective way - before it starts - by reducing the opportunities for crime to occur.

The program thrives on mutual aid. Your neighbours know who you are, what type of car you drive, and may be the first to notice a suspicious person at your door or window. A police officer patrolling your community may not recognize a stranger in your yard - but your neighbour will.


By simply getting to know the neighbours around you, you'll be well positioned to recognize someone or something that's suspicious.

The Riverview Neighbourhood Watch encourages participation in crime prevention. As part of the program, you can learn 
how to recognize and report suspicious activity in your neighbourhood, and how to make your home less inviting as a target for thieves.

Neighbourhood Watch is a program to help neighbours watch out for neighbours.

It aims to get citizens involved in discouraging and preventing crime at the local level. The ultimate success of Neighbourhood Watch depends largely on a commitment to cooperate between area residents and the police - and more importantly, between residents themselves.


Getting involved is easy and free.

If you are interested in more information on any of these programs or brochures, please contact Deputy Mayor Cecile Cassista by email

Neighbour Card. Do your part, and get to know your neighbour. Complete a Neighbour Card and keep it on hand.

Your home, Your community... Keep it Safe!


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