A brief overview of what has occurred with Codiac Regional RCMP over the long weekend from the period of Friday May 17th at 1600hrs to Tuesday May 21st at 0800hrs for your info:

233 files created as a result of calls for service, of those:
• 1 attempted murder 
• 0 robbery with weapon 
• 0 assault with weapon/causing bodily harm 
• 0 aggravated assault 
• 7 assault investigations 
• 0 sexual assault investigation 
• 0 luring minors over internet 
• 0 assault on police officer 
• 4 investigations of uttering threats against a person 
• 3 sudden death investigations 
• 3 missing persons (2 located) 
• 0 criminal harassment investigations 
• 7 break & enter (5 residence, 1 other, 1 business) 
• 10 possible impaired drivers 
• 8 collisions; 1 with injury, 5 reportable, 2 non reportable 
• 0 fail to stop/remain at accident scene 
• 6 false/abandoned 911 call 
• 9 persons related to mental health 
• 2 vehicles reported stolen (1 car, 1 bicycle) 
• 2 theft from vehicle 
• 6 theft under $5000.00 investigations 
• 0 theft over $5000.00 investigations 
• 3 theft under (shoplifting) 
• 4 fraud investigation under $5000.00 
• 0 fraud investigation over $5000.00 
• 4 mischief investigations - damage to property 
• 0 public mischief investigation 
• 8 false alarms 
• 19 assistance general public 
• 7 intoxicated persons detention act 
• 25 suspicious person/vehicle/property investigations 
• 4 disturbing the peace 
• 12 municipal by-laws 
• 17 persons detained in cells
OCC stats from Friday midnight to Sunday midnight:
Admin calls - 1146
911 calls - 447
Fire - 31
PDRM (police radio monitor) - 1471

Police investigate robbery
Codiac RCMP are investigating an armed robbery that occurred Tuesday evening on Mountain Road in Moncton. Just before 10:30 p.m., a male suspect approached a teenager on Mountain Road near Botsford Street and demanded money while making threats. No weapon was seen and the victim was not injured. The suspect fled on foot with unspecified items. The suspect is a Caucasian man, approximately six feet tall and skinny. He spoke English without an accent. His hair was very short and he had a pale complexion and appeared clean-shaven. He was wearing a red hoodie under another dark-coloured clothing item. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact Codiac RCMP at 857-2400 or Crime Stoppers at Crimenb.ca or 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Arrest made after robbery
Police have arrested a man in connection with a robbery in Moncton earlier this week. Codiac RCMP Const. Damien Theriault says a 28-year-old British Columbia man was picked up around lunchtime on Friday and will be charged over the weekend with robbery and possession of stolen property. The man was arrested as part of an investigation into a robbery that occurred Tuesday night. Just before 10:30 p.m., a male approached a teenager on Mountain Road near Botsford Street and demanded money while making threats. No weapon was seen and the victim was not injured. The suspect fled on foot with unspecified items.

Court News
Accused released
A Moncton man accused of robbing a store last month was released from custody yesterday. MacKenzie Stephen Brigham, 21, appeared in Moncton provincial court with defence lawyer Scott Fowler after a 30-day psychiatric assessment. He's charged with armed robbery with a knife, masking his face during the commission of an offence and uttering death threats. Codiac RCMP arrested Brigham in relation to an armed robbery that occurred on April 10. Shortly after 4 a.m., a male employee of the Irving Circle K at 1936 Mountain Rd. was robbed at knifepoint. At around 8 p.m. the same day, the Codiac General Investigation Section, assisted by general duty members, arrested the suspect at his residence without incident.................

Toronto men appear on fraud charges
MONCTON - Two Ontarians have been charged with another 17 counts related to credit card fraud. Li Yi, 31, and Puyuan Guan, 21, were arrested last week for charges related to credit card fraud. Their vehicle was intercepted by Codiac Regional RCMP after being alerted by loss prevention officers after two men made attempts to buy gift cards at various locations in the Moncton area. At the time of arrest, police seized counterfeit credit cards, prepaid gift cards, and a variety of electronic equipment. 

Police, fire departments know how "tweet" it is
Twitter is becoming an invaluable tool for emergency personnel in New Brunswick's capital city and its surrounding areas........ Paul Greene, senior communications adviser with the province's RCMP, said the Mounties in New Brunswick have been using social media - not just Twitter, but Facebook - since the summer of 2010. "(Twitter) is one of the many tools we use to get a message out to the public in addition to the traditional media," Green said. "We want to be able to inform the public to either help us solve a crime or, perhaps, prevent a crime and make them aware." Between the English and French feed, there are 4,700 followers on the RCMP Twitter account. Green said the force has used social media over the last few days, including Twitter, to send people messages on Canada Road Safety Week. "On our Twitter feed, you will see several messages that will go out that are related to that, to inform people that impaired driving is still a concern, wearing your seatbelt and (to) give people some statistics that helps them appreciate what that means and how they can take steps and improve their safety as well." 

RCMP adding eight experts to Internet exploitation unit
The RCMP's Internet child exploitation unit is getting eight additional technical and investigative experts. The move - which represents an $800,000 contribution by the province - is being made in an effort to better protect children when they go online. The unit will lead all Internet child exploitation investigations in New Brunswick and provide investigators, technical support, equipment and training for all law enforcement agencies. It will have representatives in Fredericton, Moncton and Saint John and will include members of municipal and regional police forces and the RCMP. The provincial funding will also to used for a public awareness campaign aimed at children and families. Public Safety Minister and Solicitor General Robert Trevors said children are online, using home computers and other devices that connect them to all the knowledge in the world. Trevors said the problem of exploitation is disturbing....

Some things are well worth spending money on
Governments are always looking at how they can cut costs, reduce spending and operate more efficiently. In these days of shaky global economies, aging populations and large government debt, the smartest and safest way to proceed is often to not spend money. Premier David Alward and his colleagues are always talking about the need to spend wisely and not be wasteful. They even raised income taxes to bring in more revenue and help the province's financial situation. That same government announced $800,000 in spending last week and I would be shocked to find anyone who would disagree with the expenditure. Even in tough times........ The province will spend $800,000 to hire eight additional technical and investigative experts for the RCMP's Internet Child Exploitation Unit, which leads all Internet child exploitation investigations in New Brunswick and provides investigators, technical support, equipment and training for all law enforcement agencies. It will have representatives in Fredericton, Moncton and Saint John and will include members of municipal and regional police forces and the RCMP. Codiac RCMP has already dedicated members to investigating this type of crime and have the statistics to back up the need. Last year Codiac announced that between Aug. 1, 2011 and Aug. 9, 2012, there were 1,969 detections of child sexual abuse images on internet accounts in New Brunswick. Of that 1,969, 740 were in Codiac RCMP jurisdiction: 692 in Moncton, 34 in Riverview and 14 in Dieppe..........Catching criminals and speeding up prosecutions is important, but the biggest benefit that could come from adding experts to the ICE unit is obvious. More resources means a much greater chance of identifying children - in New Brunswick or elsewhere - who are being sexually exploited. And hopefully saving those kids from a hellish situation. I think the province could add a thousand new investigators to that unit and no one would utter a word of complaint about the cost. 

Sex offender gets six years in prison: Man found guilty of sexually exploiting tee...
A sex offender was sent to prison for 6½ years yesterday, but he did not go quietly. When Moncton provincial court Judge Camille Vautour gave Dennis Peter Paul Murphy a chance to speak during his sentencing hearing, the Newfoundland man took him up on his offer. Murphy, 52, then proceeded to tell the judge his guilty verdict was wrong, said the 16-year-old victim was responsible for choosing to be with him and blamed the victim's parents for mistreating her. "She lied and convinced you she was telling the truth," Murphy told Vautour from the prisoners dock, saying there is evidence that will clear his name. Murphy was charged after an investigation by Codiac Regional RCMP. The incidents that led to the charges occurred between September 2011 and November 2012 in Moncton and involve a teenaged girl whose identity is protected by a publication ban......Vautour said he had no intention of reversing his verdict and said Murphy should take it up with the Court of Appeal. He sentenced the man to six years, with no credit for the six months already spent in custody. He will also be a registered sex offender for life.

Torontonians face multiple charges
MONCTON - Two Toronto men face more than 60 charges relating to an alleged credit card scam. Li Yi, 31, and Puyuan Guan, 21, appeared in Moncton provincial court on Wednesday and were each charged with more than 40 new offences relating to stolen credit cards and credit card data. They had already been charged with 18 offences each. They will remain in custody until their bail hearings on May 24. The two men were arrested on May 9. Their vehicle was intercepted by Codiac Regional RCMP after being alerted by loss prevention officers after two men made attempts to buy gift cards at various locations in the Moncton area. At the time of their arrests, police seized counterfeit credit cards, prepaid gift cards, and a variety of electronic equipment

Hit and run accused sent for assessment
MONCTON - A young woman accused of intentionally hitting people with her vehicle was sent for a psychiatric assessment on Wednesday. Nadia Nina Mallaley, 19, of Moncton, appeared in provincial court with defence lawyer Johanne Landry, who requested the assessment for her client. The psychiatrist who meets with her will determine if the woman is fit to stand trial and if she suffers from any mental illness that would result in her not being criminally responsible for her actions. Judge Camille Vautour scheduled the case to return to court July 18. Mallaley is charged with two counts of dangerous operation of a vehicle causing bodily harm, two counts of aggravated assault and one count of failure to stop at the scene of an accident. At around 11 p.m. on Feb. 22, Codiac RCMP members were dispatched to King Street following a report of a hit and run. The investigation revealed that two teenage girls were hit by a vehicle. They were taken to hospital and later released. 

Break-ins lead to five-year sentence
MONCTON - A Prince Edward Island man who broke into homes in Moncton to support his painkiller habit was sentenced to five years in jail. Carl Brent Gallant, 32, was arrested April 26 after police caught him in the middle of a break-in on Fourth Street. Investigators learned he was a suspect in two earlier break and enters in Moncton and were following him on the day in question. They saw him paying particular attention to a Fourth Street home and moved in after he went into the backyard and didn't re-appear. Gallant broke into homes and took computers, electronics, cash and personal items to pay for his painkiller habit. 

Quebec trucker guilty of sex assault
MONCTON - A Quebec man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a Moncton woman pleaded guilty to sexual assault Tuesday. Maurice Cloutier, 54, of Sainte-Martine, Que., appeared in front of Judge Pierre Arseneault in order to set a plea date, however, he requested that a plea be entered instead. He then pleaded guilty to the included offence of sexual assault. The second charge of forcible confinement was dropped by the Crown. He was originally scheduled for a bail hearing on Monday, which was adjourned until Tuesday morning. Cloutier will appear in court on June 24 for sentencing. The investigation began when RCMP responded to a 911 call from witnesses who had seen a naked woman running and screaming for help in a parking lot near Mountain Road and Church Street in Moncton. An RCMP news release at the time also stated that she was seen fleeing a transport truck, which was later tracked down, along with Cloutier, by RCMP and police in Quebec.

Conditional discharge granted
A Quebec man charged with three counts of fraudulent use of a credit card and two counts of possession of stolen property was given a conditional discharge yesterday. Mena Bekhit, 29, pleaded guilty to all five charges in Moncton provincial court, relating to frauds committed at Metro Moncton stores in late March. On March 26, the Sears store in Dieppe contacted the RCMP about a man making large gift certificate purchases with a fraudulent credit card. Hours later, the RCMP received a similar call from the Moncton Home Depot store. Finally, a similar call was received from Walmart, and that led to the arrest of Bruno Camara and Bekhit. Camara pleaded guilty to 30 of approximately 55 fraud and possession of stolen property charges last week and will be sentenced May 24. He remains in custody. Bekhit, of Laval, Que., told the court he was hired to drive a man in Moncton, but he did not know why, nor did he previously know the man who hired him. 

Bar Checks:
Over the weekend Codiac members partnered with NB Liquor Compliance and conducted bar checks including the following locations; Wise Guys, Dooleys and the Alma Country bar in Riverview as well as Angies in Dieppe as well as Wise Guys, TOCC Rouge, Boomers, The V, Ale House and Navigators in Moncton. One individual arrested on a Warrant of Arrest but no major violations. 

Traffic News:
Codiac Traffic Unit conducted work on an area of Ryan Rd and Evergreen Drive noting that this is an area that we patrol on a daily basis but oftentimes in unmarked vehicles and therefore visibility could be reduced as the general public might not notice them, although useful to catch violators. Extensive patrol in these area between 07:30-10:00 and 14:00-16:00 resulted in 8 POPA tickets for speeding - speeds were tabulated 0730-0900 = average speed 58 km/h, 1400-1530 = average speed 57 km/h