A brief overview of what has occurred with Codiac Regional RCMP over the weekend from the period of Friday March 22nd at 1600hrs to Monday March 25th at 0800hrs for your info:

139 files created as a result of calls for service, of those:

0 robbery with weapon (MacArthurs - knife and gun mentioned, no item seen) 
1 assault causing bodily harm 
2 aggravated assault 
5 assault investigations 
0 sexual assault investigation 
0 luring minors over internet 
0 assault on police officer 
4 investigations of uttering threats against a person 
0 sudden death investigations 
3 missing persons (2 located) 
1 criminal harassment investigations 
1 break & enters (abandoned bldg) 
4 possible impaired drivers 
6 collisions; 2 with injury, 4 non reportable 
1 fail to stop/remain at accident scene 
10 false/abandoned 911 call 
7 persons related to mental health 
0 vehicle reported stolen (truck, unfounded) and 1 dump trailer 
3 theft from vehicle 
7 theft under $5000.00 investigations 
0 theft over $5000.00 investigations 
2 theft under (shoplifting) 
0 fraud investigation under $5000.00 
0 fraud investigation over $5000.00 
3 mischief investigations - damage to property 
0 public mischief investigation 
10 false alarms 
9 assistance general public 
2 intoxicated persons detention act 
14 suspicious person/vehicle/property investigations 
2 disturbing the peace 
3 municipal by-laws 
14 persons detained in cells

OCC stats from Friday midnight to Sunday midnight:

Admin calls - 1250
911 calls - 566
Fire -39
PDRM (police radio monitor) - 1669

Child porn sentencing set over until May
A man will be sentenced in May after admitting to voyeurism and producing child pornography. Jeffrey Charles Bulley appeared in Moncton provincial court with defence lawyer Robert McKee on Monday and was scheduled to stand trial all week before Judge Troy Sweet. But Bulley instead pleaded guilty to committing voyeurism between July 2007 and March 2011 and also making child pornography during that same time period…Sentencing was set for May 13. 

Zero excuses, zero tolerance for drunk driving
There are some things in society that never cease to amaze me. Just ask my wife, I usually hate change, but I think it's time we humans make some changes, and pretty big ones at that. I'm always shocked to hear how smoking rates aren't plummeting at the rate I'd expect them to. And when I read another report about how obesity rates continue to grow, I shake my head and sigh. I think I give us humans too much credit, and I know I'm at least a little naïve to think that radical change can happen fairly quickly, but when it comes to our health, you'd think all of us would be a little more concerned. Another thing that makes me wonder is the high number of incidents of drinking and driving. In Metro Moncton, it seems we're running stories all the time about impaired drivers being charged for their crimes. In January, Staff Sgt. Stephane Caron of New Brunswick's RCMP Traffic Services, said that just in December, RCMP officers nailed 94 drivers for impaired driving in the province. He said the rate is averaging 1,200 to 1,300 drunk-driving offenders per year.........We all make mistakes. There is no excuse for it, but sometimes people get behind the wheel, thinking that they're fine when they're not. But sometimes those weak moments can have tragic consequences, either for the person behind the wheel or for innocent bystanders. Repeat offenders, however, aren't making mistakes, they're simply choosing to be a menace on the road. I sincerely hope that someday we see the disturbing number of these cases in New Brunswick start to fall, sooner than later. 

Cheap tobacco popular with youth
The evidence is right there on the ground: cigarette butts that bear the tell-tale signs that they come from illegal sources. Contraband tobacco sells for a fraction of the price of the legitimate product - $20 to $25 per carton compared with $80 per carton…New Brunswick RCMP believe the contraband smoke industry exploits young people in two ways. "Organized crime is heavily involved in the contraband tobacco trade," Cpl. Chantal Farrah of J Division says. "Youth is a major target for organized crime to sell to and profit from, but many people in New Brunswick, from all walks of life, purchase contraband tobacco. Something that organized crime will do, however, is exploit youth by recruiting young people to run the tobacco for them, luring them into criminal activity with the promise of profits." 
Assault on Mountie earns time in jail
A man was sentenced to five months in jail yesterday for several offences, including threatening and assaulting a Mountie. Stephen Gerard Hepditch, 45, appeared in Moncton provincial court after earlier pleading guilty to five charges…the main incident occurred on Jan. 19, when officers responded to a disturbance at a residence and arrested Hepditch. While he was being transported to the police station by Const. Jean-Sebastien Marcotte, he threatened the officer from the back seat of the patrol car. "I'm going to slit your throat, I'm going to kill you when you're off duty and do the same to your wife," said Hepditch, according to the Crown
N.S. man accused of fraud
Police laid a series of new fraud charges on Friday against a Nova Scotia man accused of running a paving scam. Horace Junior Smith, also known as Ron Smith.. had been facing seven charges, but those will be replaced by a new 15-count information laid by police…On Feb. 27, Codiac RCMP and District 4 RCMP charged the 54-year-old man with several counts of fraud in relation to several incidents in southeastern New Brunswick. Police said at the time that Smith, operating under the company name of C4 Construction or Powermax Construction, is alleged to have defrauded several clients. They accuse Smith of entering into agreements to do paving work, starting the work and collecting partial or complete payment and then failing to complete the work. At the time, police said it's possible that similar incidents occurred but were not reported and they requested anyone who believes they were victimized in such a fashion to call police. Codiac RCMP Const. Damien Theriault said on Friday that request resulted in a number of new complaints against the same individual, involving paving work being paid for but not done. "We are still receiving calls and there could be further charges down the road," he said.