A brief overview of what has occurred with Codiac Regional RCMP over the weekend from the period of Friday January 18th at 1600hrs to Monday January 21st at 0800hrs for your info:


156 files created as a result of calls for service, of those:
• 2 robbery with weapon (knife and gun) - CEPS and Canadian Tire gas bar 
• 1 assault causing bodily harm 
• 0 aggravated assault 
• 7 assault investigations 
• 1 sexual assault investigation 
• 0 luring minors over internet 
• 1 assault on police officer 
• 2 investigations of uttering threats against a person 
• 0 sudden death investigations 
• 3 missing persons (all located) 
• 0 criminal harassment investigations 
• 2 break & enters (1 residence & 1 business) 
• 1 possible impaired drivers 
• 4 collisions; 1 with injury, 3 property damage reportable, 0 non reportable 
• 0 fail to stop/remain at accident scene 
• 4 false/abandoned 911 call 
• 5 persons related to mental health 
• 1 vehicle reported stolen (car) 
• 1 theft from vehicle 
• 2 theft under $5000.00 investigations 
• 0 theft over $5000.00 investigations 
• 6 theft under (shoplifting) 
• 2 fraud investigation under $5000.00 
• 0 fraud investigation over $5000.00 
• 1 mischief investigations - damage to property 
• 0 public mischief investigation 
• 9 false alarms 
• 7 assistance general public 
• 5 intoxicated persons detention act 
• 12 suspicious person/vehicle/property investigations 
• 4 disturbing the peace 
• 4 municipal by-laws 
• persons detained in cells
OCC stats from Friday midnight to Sunday midnight:
Admin calls - 1375
911 calls - 634
Fire - 59
PDRM (police radio monitor) - 1753

Accidents closed highways: Weather Saturday's snowstorm caused pileups in Moncton an...
Fluctuating temperatures that brought a succession of snow and rain created some white-knuckle-driving conditions across the region over the weekend, causing two pileups on the Trans-Canada Highway near Moncton and another collision with a fire truck in Fredericton. Members of Caledonia RCMP, the Codiac RCMP, Ambulance New Brunswick, the Moncton Fire Department and several tow truck companies responded to two separate pileups of vehicles on Highway 2, close to Elmwood Drive. The first pileup occurred shortly after 1 p.m. in the eastbound lane of the highway between Elmwood Drive and Mapleton Road. It involved seven separate vehicles in three consecutive accidents, including a transport truck, which wasn't hauling a trailer. A St. Thomas University bus transporting one of its basketball teams to Halifax was also involved in one of the accidents, but no one was hurt when the bus slid into the ditch. Sgt. Rick Bernard of the RCMP said police received another call at 1:19 p.m. about a '10-car' pileup on the Trans-Canada Highway. "Our people arrived, started investigating the accident and suddenly, another pileup occurred right across the median, in the westbound lane," he said.................

Vol qualifié au CEPS de l'Université de Moncton
La GRC est à la recherche d'un homme qui aurait commis un vol qualifié au CEPS Louis-J.-Robichaud de l'Université de Moncton. Dans le vestiaire des hommes, le suspect aurait été pris à voler un téléphone cellulaire. Deux personnes auraient ensuite confronté la personne pour ensuite la poursuivre. La poursuite s'est arrêtée quand le suspect a sorti un couteau. «Pendant la poursuite, l'individu en question a sorti un couteau. Alors les deux autres ont arrêté la poursuite», a expliqué le sergent Daniel Landry. L'assaillant est parti avec le téléphone cellulaire et les policiers sont maintenant à sa recherche. Le suspect mesure environ 5 pieds 8 pouces, pèse entre 195 et 200 lb, a le teint foncé et est marqué d'une cicatrice au visage. Lors de l'incident, le suspect portait des jeans bleus et un manteau d'hiver gris et vert. Il s'exprimait en anglais. Personne n'a été blessé lors de l'altercation. Quiconque a des renseignements à propos de ce dossier est prié de communiquer avec la GRC de Codiac au 857-2494.

Minor injuries sustained in car crash: Codiac RCMP Constable says collision seems ...
A driver has been ticketed after causing a two-vehicle crash in Riverview. The collision occurred at the intersection of Trites Road and Whitepine Road around 12:45 p.m. A car and minivan collided at the four-way stop. Codiac RCMP Const. Damien Theriault said three people were in the van and the driver was treated at the scene for minor injuries. The driver of the car was taken to hospital for minor injuries. "It appears the car failed to stop at the four-way stop and the driver received a ticket for it," Theriault said.

Robber sentenced to 6 years: Offender drove three blocks with Mountie hanging off ...
When Codiac RCMP Const. Christopher MacKenzie-Plante spotted a blue Chevy Cobalt the afternoon of June 27, he believed he had his man. The car matched the description of a vehicle connected to the suspect in two recent robberies at local credit unions. And when the officer looked more closely at the driver, he realized he was the same man caught on surveillance video robbing the two financial institutions. MacKenzie-Plante activated his lights and siren and followed the car north on Vaughan Harvey Boulevard, while calling for backup. The suspect didn't stop, but turned east onto Edmonton Avenue and kept going. The constable eventually pulled up alongside the suspect and yelled for him to pull over, which he did. MacKenzie-Plante got out, walked up to the car and told 33-year-old Robert James Williams he was under arrest for robbery. Instead of getting out of the car and surrendering, Williams hit the gas. The constable grabbed the frame of the driver's door, but Williams kept going. For three long blocks, MacKenzie-Plante was dragged by the speeding car, but he refused to let go out of fear he could be seriously injured. "The whole time he was being dragged he was yelling at the driver to stop and that he was under arrest for robbery," said Crown prosecutor Renee Roy, during Williams's sentencing hearing in Moncton provincial court yesterday. While the Mountie was being dragged, another officer up ahead parked his car in Williams's path to stop him. Instead of stopping, Williams ran into the vehicle, causing MacKenzie-Plante to finally let go and hit the pavement. Other than scrapes and bruises he was not seriously injured. Williams then drove the Cobalt over the curb and got away from police. He would have been wise to surrender when first stopped. Along with the fact he was charged with several offences for his confrontation with MacKenzie-Plante, when police finally arrested Williams the next day it was with the help of a police dog who chomped down on the fugitive's arm...... Roy and Goguen made a joint recommendation for six years in prison, which Dugas-Horsman followed. Though the judge said it was lenient given that the starting point for robbery is usually three years and Williams has a previous robbery on his record, along with a manslaughter conviction, for which he got 11 years. Dugas-Horsman added that had he been found guilty instead of pleading guilty, he could easily have received an additional two or three years. "In terms of vehicular assault and threats to the life of a police officer, it doesn't get much more serious than this," said the judge.

Technology exposes child porn predators: Computers Images distributed online are bei...
Child pornography is becoming so pervasive and prolific that police forces in Canada and abroad are using automated computer technologies to detect criminals who produce, distribute and possess this type of illegal material. "We'll never have enough police officers to combat this crime," said RCMP Sgt. Jackie Basque, who heads the operations of the National Child Exploitation Co-ordination Centre in Ottawa. She said the problem is so big that law enforcement agencies are constantly sharing information with one another to track this type of criminal........... Insp. Kevin Leahy, who heads the RCMP's internet child exploitation unit in New Brunswick, said the number of child pornography cases under investigation in this province is on the rise and as criminals become more computer savvy about covering their tracks online, police are developing more efficient ways to detect and track these illegal activities faster. "It's not as difficult as it once was," he said. "As technology improves, our ability to tract them improves and some of the investigative tools we use have made it easier for us to detect this type of offence online ... we have individuals across Canada that are working on new technologies and new techniques that are enhancing our ability to detect them." Leahy said the seven-member child exploitation unit based in Fredericton works hand-in-hand with the force's tech crime unit, which handles all of the evidence once it's collected. "Once the data that's on the computers is extracted, then it goes back to the investigators to be sifted through, analyzed, categorized, looked at for potential victims who may be from the local area," he said...............

Man jailed for fleeing police: Driver led Mounties on chase before finally pulling...
A motorist who led police on a chase through Moncton on Wednesday says he didn't want to pull over because he has no licence. Joshua Kirk Serson, 21, appeared in the prisoners dock in Moncton provincial court yesterday and was charged with five offences in connection to the chase. He was charged with failing to stop as soon as possible while being pursued by police officers, two counts of breaching a court recognizance from Ontario, driving without insurance and driving with an expired registration. Serson pleaded guilty to everything, and Crown prosecutor Malika Levesque related the facts of the case to the court prior to sentencing. She said the incident began around 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Codiac RCMP members attempted to pull over a blue Chevrolet Malibu on First Avenue in Moncton. Serson did not stop and continued driving at low speed. Levesque said he continued through several neighbourhoods, ignoring traffic control devices before police finally pulled him over on Botsford Street. "He said he didn't pull over because he had no driving permit," Levesque told the court. She asked for two months in jail, plus a driving prohibition. On Dec. 27, Serson was sentenced to 14 days in jail for shoplifting at a Moncton store and breaching a court order to reside in Kingston, Ont., where he faces a number of charges. His record also includes an 80-day sentence for a break and enter. Duty counsel Martin Goguen said this is a young man who made a mistake. "He panicked. He should have stopped immediately when he was pursued," said the lawyer. Goguen asked for a 20-day sentence with a three- to six-month driving ban. Judge Camille Vautour said fleeing police is serious and futile business. "Ninety-nine per cent of the time they're caught," said the judge. He gave Serson 40 days in jail, banned him from driving for three months and fined him $1,377 for not having insurance or registration.

Human remains male, police say: Police have still not identified remains found bef...
Police say human remains found near Wheeler Boulevard in Moncton in the days before Christmas were male, but many questions remain. On Dec. 22, skeletal remains were discovered shortly before 4 p.m. by a person walking on the side of Wheeler Boulevard. The remains were found in a field next to Wheeler Boulevard near the Church Street overpass in Moncton. The preliminary results indicate the remains are those of a male, but the age of the individual has not been established. Further DNA expertise and dental record checks are being done in an effort to identify the individual. The fact the remains were skeletal indicates they were there for more than a few days, but police don't yet know how long they were there before being found. "We don't have a precise estimate, so we're not going to speculate until we have all the information required," Codiac RCMP Const. Damien Theriault said. At this point, there is no sign of foul play, but it has not been ruled out.