A brief overview of what has occurred with Codiac Regional RCMP over the weekend from the period of Friday Dec 7th at 1600hrs to Monday Dec 10th at 0800hrs for your info:

171 files created as a result of calls for service, of those:
• 0 robbery with weapon 
• 0 assault with weapon 
• 0 aggravated assault 
• 10 assault investigations 
• 1 sexual assault investigation 
• 0 luring minors over internet 
• 0 assault on police officer with weapon 
• 5 investigations of uttering threats against a person 
• 1 sudden death investigations 
• 2 missing persons (all located) 
• 2 criminal harassment investigations 
• 2 break & enters (1 residence, 1 business) 
• 9 possible impaired drivers 
• 9 collisions; 1 with injury, 4 property damage reportable, 4 non reportable 
• 1 fail to stop/remain at accident scene 
• 12 false/abandoned 911 call 
• 3 persons related to mental health 
• 4 vehicles reported stolen (1 car, 1 motorcycle, 1 truck, 1 other) 
• 1 thefts from vehicles 
• 10 theft under $5000.00 investigations 
• 1 theft over $5000.00 investigations 
• 4 theft under (shoplifting) 
• 1 fraud investigation under $5000.00 
• 1 fraud investigation over $5000.00 
• 6 mischief investigations - damage to property 
• 7 false alarms 
• 8 assistance general public 
• 4 intoxicated persons detention act 
• 14 suspicious person/vehicle/property investigations 
• 4 disturbing the peace 
• 7 municipal by-laws 
• 10 persons detained in cells
OCC stats from Friday midnight to Sunday midnight not tallied, sorry.

Jury finds Prosser guilty of first-degree murder
For people who didn't know her, Sabrina Patterson is a murder victim. Her name has been in the news for more than two years, first as a missing person, next as a woman who suffered a violent death. Throughout the murder trial of her ex-boyfriend, Fred Prosser, the court heard how her body was found, details of her autopsy and the injuries she suffered prior to death. But to Patterson's large family, many of whom showed up to court for almost every one of Prosser's court appearances over the last two years, Patterson was not just a murder victim. She was a loved one, stolen from her children and her family at the young age of 25. "She was a sweetheart," said her brother Dale Patterson, standing outside the Moncton Law Courts moments after Prosser was convicted of murder. "She had a big heart, she was always for the underdog. She was a great mother and a great sister...." Patterson bowed his head and began to cry at the memory of his sister. For the duration of the trial, Patterson has acted as a spokesman for his family. At the end of every day of testimony, he would dutifully stand before the cameras and microphones and answer the same questions over and over and try to provide the reporters with a sound bite or a quote.................. The jury was brought in and after attendance was taken, court clerk Anne Richard asked if they had reached a verdict on the charge of first-degree murder, to which the response was "guilty." The jury also found Prosser guilty of sexual assault and sexual assault causing bodily harm. As he was throughout the trial, Prosser was expressionless as the verdict was read and his only reaction was to look over at his father. On the Patterson side, some people gasped when the first guilty verdict was read, and by the time the judge thanked the jury and excused them, many people were crying and embracing. With a first-degree murder conviction, the penalty is mandatory life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years. The judge asked if both sides were ready to proceed to sentencing and they said they were. Rideout sentenced Prosser to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years, along with five years for the sexual assault and seven years for sexual assault causing bodily harm. The five- and seven-year sentences will have no impact on the length of his overall sentence, as time cannot be added to a life sentence. Prosser will also be under a lifetime firearm and weapon ban and will be on the national sex offender registry for life...............

Metro Moncton retailers deal with shoplifting problem: Reported incidents have dec...
Shoplifting continues to be a major problem for retailers in Metro Moncton, not only during the holiday season but year-round. Const. Damien Thériault said in the last 30 days there have been 80 complaints of shoplifting reported to the Codiac RCMP. "It fluctuates from month to month, of course," the RCMP spokesperson said. Statistics from the last two years, 2010 and 2011, show the number of reported incidents of shoplifting are decreasing. There were 449 actual incidents of shoplifting under $5,000 in 2011 compared to 534 in 2010. From those incidents, 291 people, adults and youths, were charged in 2011 compared to 360 in 2010. Statistics are not available for this year. Codiac RCMP have a system in place with most retailers in Metro Moncton. When an incident takes place, staff prepares the file. "When they catch someone, the person is identified. Usually the file is made ready and we bring it to court for them. We don't necessarily get involved in the whole investigation." Thériault says the RCMP becomes involved when a person will not identify themselves or there is a doubt about the identity. Thériault said the RCMP meet and work with retailers throughout the year to discuss the issue of shoplifting, and it can be managed more effectively. He said the system put in place helps to simplify matters for both the retailers and police. "Everybody follows the same protocol," he said....

RCMP probe rash of damaged vehicles
RIVERVIEW - The Codiac RCMP has received a long string of complaints of damage to vehicles in the Riverview area. Over the course of the last week, residents in Riverview have reported that their vehicles had been damaged overnight. Some vehicles were spray-painted and others were scratched. The police force has published a map on its website pinpointing properties that have been hit to date. The map - found at rcmp.ca/nb - shows roughly 20 affected properties spanning several streets. Codiac RCMP is asking the public to be on the lookout for suspicious activity. Anyone with information on these incidents is asked to contact Codiac Regional at 1-506-857-2400.

Police seek voyeurism suspect: Disguised camera may have been used in store changi...
Codiac Regional RCMP is requesting the public's assistance in identifying a man responsible for an incident of voyeurism in Moncton. On Oct. 22, police were informed that a man had possibly used a disguised camera to take pictures of a client in a dressing room at a women's clothing store located on Trinity Drive. Police are not naming the store involved. "We were contacted by the store employees after a client complained to them," says Const. Damien Theriault. At this point, police believe there is only one victim in this case, though they are not ruling out the possibility there were other victims at this store or a different store. In this case, the camera was mobile and not already in the room taking images of people getting changed............... 

Un adolescent de Moncton manque à l'appel depuis 11 jours
Un adolescent de la région de Moncton n'a pas été vu depuis 11 jours. Selon le Service régional de Codiac de la GRC, Joshua François Gionet, 15 ans, ne s'est pas présenté à la résidence pour jeunes où il était censé se rendre le 29 novembre. Il a été déterminé que l'adolescent a été en contact avec un autre jeune depuis ce jour, mais la police ignore où il se trouve actuellement. Joshua Gionet mesure 1,68 mètre (5 pi 6 po) et pèse 54 kilogrammes (120 livres). Il a les cheveux bruns et les yeux verts. Joshua Gionet ne serait pas en danger selon la GRC. Les policiers en patrouille gardent l'oeil ouvert, mais aucune recherche active n'a été entreprise, faute de piste. Quiconque a des renseignements concernant l'endroit où il pourrait se trouver est prié de communiquer avec le Service régional de Codiac de la GRC au 857-2400. ILLUS: Joshua Gionet 

Safe Driving Week highlights threat drugs pose
Driving while under the influence of drugs can have a deadly outcome. That's the message being delivered this year by the Canada Safety Council during national Safe Driving Week, which runs from Dec. 1-7. While operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol is still a significant problem, it's important to remember that impairment goes far beyond alcohol, the organization said. According to the council, increasingly high numbers of motorists are gambling with their safety and the safety of others by knowingly driving under the influence of drugs: illegal substances, prescription medications and over-the-counter remedies. Quoting figures from the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, the organization reported in 2008 that 36.7 per cent of fatally injured drivers in Canada tested positive for impairing drugs. This compares with 40.8 per cent of driver fatalities where alcohol was the source of impairment. Among drivers killed who were tested for both drugs and alcohol, 15.1 per cent were found to be positive for both. Staff Sgt. Stéphane Caron, traffic services co-ordinator at RCMP J Division in Fredericton, said the force doesn't have any ready statistics at its fingertips with regard to drugs and driving in this province, but he doesn't believe New Brunswick is any different than the rest of Canada. "We know it's a problem; we've charged people under the influence of drugs," Caron said. "We have had fatal collisions here where the autopsy result came back with the driver with drugs in their system.".....

Summary Operation Christmas in Southeast NB: 
362 POPA issued during this campaign
10 Written Warnings
2 CDSA seizures
3 Vehicle towed and seized for investigations
8 files generated 
4 Arrests
3 Suspended Drivers
1 Prohibited Driver
4 Street Checks